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DJ Quick Shares Rare Tupac Hand Written Tracklist

Legendary hip hop producer, DJ Quick, shares a rare hand written tracklist of Tupac Shakur’s debut album on Death Row records.

Posting on Instagram, DJ Quick reflects on the classic album “All Eyez On Me” by posting the original tracklist hand written by Tupac. Back in February of 1996, Tupac would drop hip hop’s first double album as he made music’s greatest comeback. Suge Knight and Death Row records bailed Shakur out of prison in 1995. Shortly after Shakur went right into the studio and recorded new music for his debut on rap’s most notorious label.

The album was a huge success and would go on to reach diamond status. Noting the accomplishment and grateful being apart of hip hop history, DJ Quick shared the excitement in the caption, “July 23, 2014, (7 years ago today), “All Eyez On Me” was certified diamond (with 10 million units sold) by @riaa_awards. Personally, it’s the hand written credits for me. Back when being mentioned was everything.”

Tupac’s fourth studio album “All Eyez On Me” featured various artists from Death Row records and incredible producers such as Dr. Dre, QDIII, Johnny “J”, Daz Dillinger, and Mike Mosely. Hits like “California Love” and “How Do U Want It” ensured the album debuted on the Billboard 200 at number one. Not to mention the hype surrounding Tupac’s release from prison, surviving after being shot five times, and joining forces with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Although he Compton native only had one produced song on the album with “Heartz of Men”, the original hand written tracklist shows Quick’s “Late Night” originally on “Book 2.” Instead “Late Night” would appear on Tupac’s posthumous “Better Dayz” album in 2002.

Many of the songs penciled in by Tupac Shakur did appear on the final cut, but there are a select few which did not. Songs such as “777 9211”, “Can’t Fade Me”, “Ma Babiez Mama”, “Fair X Change, and “2 My Unborn.” Interestingly some of these would later remixed and released on posthumous albums, others have yet to be released.

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  1. “777-9311” actually was released in the final cut, with a different track name – “What’z Ya Phone #”.


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