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DJ Envy Approaching Nas In Queens Turns Into Valuable Lesson

Co-host of The Breakfast Club, Envy, reminds everyone of the time he approached Nas in Queens and what happened next shocked the up and coming DJ.

As Nas released his “King’s Disease 3” album produced by Hit-Boy, DJ Envy decided to share a moment he will never forget. “Hiphop History!!! Congrats to @nas on his new album… Did you ever hear about the Day Nas pulled a g** on,” Envy wrote in his IG caption referring to an 8 year old interview on VLAD TV.

Animated by Broken Equipment Productions, DJ Envy goes down memory lane and shares his infamous Nas story. Envy at the time was trying to make a name for himself. The mixtape scene was hot in New York, but primarily led by DJ Clue which caused a major hurdle for Envy.

DJ Envy Approaching Nas In Queens Turns Into Valuable Lesson
DJ Envy (VLAD TV/YouTube)

“This is when mixtapes was big and this is when nobody would take my mixtapes,” recalled DJ Envy on VLAD TV‘s Hip Hop Stories. “I’m coming out the Colliseum and I see Nas and I think it was a Lexus. So, I’m like, ‘Oh s*** that’s Nas. I got my mixtapes and I’m running up the block. This is Nas. I’m in Queens, you don’t see this.”

What would happen next stayed with Envy till this day, as Nas taught him a valuable lesson. As Envy approached Nas and said, “I got something for you,” reaching into his bag full of mixtapes. Seconds later and Nas had pulled out a g** on Envy.

“He’s like, ‘What you got for me.’ So, I go in my bag and when I come out my bag, Nas has a g** on me,'” said Envy. After quickly convincing Nas that all he had was a mixtape, the Queensbridge rapper took the tape and told Envy to never approach anyone saying you got something for them. “After that I never approached another artist with I got something for you,” said Envy.


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