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Diddy Didn’t Care If Biggie, Tupac Died. Business Came First!

Continuing with the release of clips stemming from Gene Deal’s interview with VLAD TV, Diddy’s former security guard recalls the time Diddy stated he didn’t care if Tupac and Biggie died.

According to Gene Deal shortly after Diddy ran when he saw Tupac and Suge Knight, the hip hop mogul said something rather alarming. Coming back to his home, Diddy remained in the limo as Suge knight and Chad checked the entire house. During their through check of Diddy’s home, Chad and Gene Deal remained on the phone. Gene recalls telling Chad about Diddy running away from Tupac and Suge Knight. (Watch: Gene Deal Says Diddy Ran When He Saw Tupac, Suge knight!) Over hearing the conversation was Diddy who was upset at Gene for telling Chad he had ran away.

At this moment Diddy explained to Gene that he was a business man and was not going to get himself into any altercation that would jeopardize any business moves. “Gene I got 126 employees and these people depend on me for their lively hood,” Gene recalls what Diddy told him. “If these white folks thought or would think I had anything to do with any gun play, they would not f–k with me. I’m a business man. I’m about making money.”

What came next caught Gene Deal off guard. According to the former security guard Diddy said, “Something gotta change. I don’t give a f–k if ‘Pac gotta die, BIG gotta die, or Suge Knight go to jail. Something gotta Change.” Gene Deal was lost for words even as he recalls the story on VLAD TV. And why wouldn’t he be. Tupac and Biggie Smalls would lose their lives months later and Suge Knight would end up in jail.

Watch below the shocking Gene Deal interview clip via VLAD TV.


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