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Did Tupac Turn Into Bishop? Marlon Wayans Says NO!

Was Tupac acting like Bishop? Marlon Wayans recently appeared on Drink Champs and finally puts an end to the myth.

Tupac’s life was on display for the world to witness throughout his 25 years on Earth. The good, the bad, the ups and the downs were all captured and lived via his incredible music catalog. Along with the music, Tupac the actor was just as impressive. Getting his first shot at the big screen with Juice, Tupac was on his way.

Despite acting on five other films, Tupac is forever linked with Juice and the Bishop character. While some believe Shakur became Bishop, others simply say, “You didn’t know Tupac.”

Marlon Wayans who knew Tupac first hand and shared the big screen with, put the Bishop-Tupac discussion to rest. “It wasn’t an act. So ‘Pac wasn’t acting like Bishop. It was just a part of ‘Pac that was Bishop,” Marlon said.

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“I would say they don’t know Tupac. I know all the Tupac’s. He wasn’t phony with anything,” explained Marlon. “That was Tupac. Tupac was all of that. He was extremely funny. He was very smart. He was a great rapper. A gangster. A poet. An activist. Tupac Shakur was all of all those things. And he was a friend. He was a cool dude.”

Since their early days hanging out in the Bronx with Omar Epps, Wayans says Tupac never forgot where he came from or those he connected with along the way. “Through his success, every time he seen me, always came over. Always gave me love. He always connected,” said Marlon Wayans on Drink Champs.

If you don’t believe Marlon Wayans, then take Money B who was there when Tupac auditioned. Appearing on Cam Capone News back in 2021, Money B explained why Tupac didn’t turn into Bishop. “We was like bro you should come read, because this character remains us for you,” Money B recalls. “He was actually wilder before that. When he was young and I first met him, he was more Bishop than bishop. He actually got a little bit more mature and calmed down. So by the time he did Bishop he was recreating something he already had been.”


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