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Did Tupac Shakur and Suga T Have A Baby Together?

Suga T revealed that she dated Tupac Shakur and admitted that her child looks identical to the Hip Hop icon.

Hailing from Vallejo, California, Tenina Stevens, better known as Suga-T, became a founding member of hip-hop group The Click. The group consisted of four members all related to each other, E-40, B-Legit, D-Shot and Suga T. When Tupac moved to Oakland, he collaborated with E-40 making an appearance in the Practice Lookin Hard music video. A few years later, another E-40 collaboration saw Suga T sing the chorus on Dusted ‘n’ Disgusted. It was out of these projects that she and Tupac became close.

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Appearing on The Goin Way Back Show hosted by Money B, Suga T explains how their friendship evolved. With Money B and Suga T’s friendship spanning many years, the founding member of Digital Underground asked if she “hung out” with Tupac. Candidly, she answered with a resounding yes, reminiscing on the times that Tupac visited her house. She revealed that her child’s father looked like Shakur. When Tupac would come around, Suga’s daughter at the time only five years old, was scared of Tupac because she saw him on television and then in person at home.

Money B asked if the timing of conception added up, implying that her daughters father was Tupac. To his surprise, Suga T stated that it did, but however, they were already born by that point.

Furthermore, Money B mentioned that he picked up on the pair’s interaction and chemistry while around them. Speaking on why Tupac came around her house, Suga T called it the “Mellow house.” She said: “I was the mellow house because I didn’t have a lot of people running through my house. So when he was tired he came to my house and just chilled. He didn’t want to talk to nobody. He didn’t want to do nothing, smoke nothing because I didn’t smoke at the time. And he knows he going to get a good meal and eat and be able to chill and relax.”


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