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Deion Sanders Meeting Brittany Renner In College Could’ve Saved him $15M

"The coldest line she said was, "I got more checks in my DM than Nike."

Speaking with Club Shay Shay, Deion Sanders explained why he linked with Brittany Renner for a very important visit to Jackson State University.

Back in early December, Deion Sanders shared a video on his Instagram where he invited social media influencer Brittany Renner to Jackson State University. Renner was there to speak to Jackson State Football players, gaming them and “educating them on how the game is played between man & woman at their age & stage,” as stated by Sanders on his IG caption.

Sanders felt it is his responsibility as a Coach to prepare young men for any and everything on the field and off. In fact, Coach Prime wished he had those opportunities when he was in college, which could had saved him millions of dollars.

Brittany Renner
Brittany Renner (Instagram)

“Had I had Brittany Renner in a meeting when I was in college, I might be about $15M dollars richer,” said the NFL Hall of Famer in a recent interview on Club Shay Shay.

“Brittany is a real woman. She keeps it one hundred. She keeps it straightforward and she is a tremendous influencer on Instagram. Bringing her in to talk about the game from a woman’s point of view was unbelievable,” explained Sanders. “The coldest line she said was, “I got more checks in my DM than Nike.”

Renner isn’t lying. She speaks from experience. The influencer has been in relationships with P.J. Washington, James Harden and Ben Simmons to name a few. She has never shied away from her relationships, speaking very candidly in various interviews.

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That transparency is exactly what she brought to Jackson State University. “She said, It’s woman out there that do they’re homework. They know everything about y’all cause you tell on yourself on the gram and on social. So they know how to go get you. And you thinking you conquering, and you ain’t,” recalled Sanders.

A day after Renner’s visit, Deion Sanders parted ways with Jackson State University and was named full-time head football coach at the University of Colorado. Sanders would meet an entire new group of young aspiring football players, as he walked out to Tupac‘s ‘All Eyez On Me.’ (View: Deion Sanders Enters Colorado Football Meeting With Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me”)


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