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Daniel Bryan NJPW Opportunity Makes AEW Deal The Right Choice

According to reports, fans can expect to see a Daniel Bryan NJPW relationship part of his rumored AEW deal.

After trending on Twitter and sending the wrestling world into a frenzy, it appears Daniel Bryan is indeed on his way to AEW. Dave Meltzer via Wrestling Observer Radio stated that Bryan’s desire to wrestling for NJPW was a big part in him chosen to sign with All Elite Wrestling. “The company with the relationship with New Japan was going to be the favorite,” Meltzer stated.

If these reports are accurate then Daniel Bryan’s NJPW return would come seventeen years since his last appearance. From 2001-2004, Bryan wrestled for NJPW where he won the IWGP junior heavyweight tag team championship one time with Curry Man.

AEW has shown a good working relationship with NJPW. This past episode of Dynamite on July 21st, Lance Archer defeated Jon Moxley for the IWGP title. Not only is NJPW a potential factor for Daniel Bryan’s decision making, but AEW’s diverse styles and roster is another reason.

Adding Daniel Bryan to their roster will create an enormous buzz for AEW. It will also be an attempt to combat WWE’s shocking return of John Cena at the 2021 Money In The Bank event. Cena, who recently starred in the latest movie in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise “F9”, confronted Roman Reigns after the WWE Universal Championship match. This could be the first rounds of what appears to be a developing war between AEW and WWE. A war that now has The Rock and CM Punk rumored for returns.

Brooker T who works for the WWE, recently spoke on his “The Hall of Fame” podcast where he gave his thoughts on Daniel Bryan allegedly signing with AEW, “These guys have every right to actually do it however way they want to do it if they’re not happy over here,” Brooker T said. “Daniel Bryan has had a great career in WWE. He was making money, even in the independent circuit. This guy has put in the work, so I’m not gonna hate. WWE should not hate either. Basketball players go to other teams every year.”

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