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Cody On Eliminating Logan Paul: Something Had To Be Done

Cody Rhodes appears on IMPAULSIVE podcast and talks about winning the 2023 Royal Rumble and eliminating Logan Paul.

Cody Rhodes recalls the 2009 Royal Rumble all too clearly. Rhodes along with Ted DiBiase Jr., Triple H and Randy Orton, were the last four men standing with a chance to headline WrestleMania. At the end Randy Orton withstood the other three WWE Superstars and went on to win his very first Rumble, as he celebrated with pyro and pointed at the infamous WrestleMania sign.

For Cody Rhodes, he never forgot that moment and told himself that one day he would have his Royal Rumble moment. Despite Rhodes believing his opportunity would come the following year, Dusty’s baby boy had to wait 14 years.

“I kept thinking about Randy last night which is weird, but I was. I was thinking about him like, man I got to do it,” said Cody on IMPAULSIVE who eliminated Logan Paul. “I feel good, because when you’re young getting in, I was 19 when I started with WWE, they tell you you’re the future. They try to groom you. They try to teach you. And I like when it pays off.”

Rhodes had been out since June after defeating Seth Rollins inside a hell in a cell despite nurturing a torn pec. Recovery sooner than expected, Rhodes was announced for the 2023 Royal Rumble and entered at number 30.

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As noted in the clip below, Rhodes eliminated Logan Paul who reminded the second generation wrestler on his podcast. “Something had to be done,” Cody said jokingly. “You were pointing to the sign. The match wasn’t over. You were going to Hollywood.” Although Logan was eliminated, the newly signed UFC fighter says it was “an honor” to exit the Rumble because of Rhodes.

Logan had his own viral and memorable moment when he and Ricochet springboard off the ropes from opposite ends of the ring and collided in mid air.


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