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Charlamagne Apologizes, Kwame Brown To The Breakfast Club?

Charlamagne apologizes, but will Kwame Brown go on The Breakfast Club to get his face-to-face apology from Charlamagne Tha God?

Charlamagne Tha God publicly apologized to Kwame Brown on the very same platform where it all started — The Breakfast Club.

On his staple segment “Donkey Of The Day”, Charlamagne gave himself the honors on Monday’s (May 24) episode. After talking about Kwame’s family and receiving serious backlash from just about everyone including those living in his hometown of Moncks Corner South Carolina, Charlamagne took a step forward in heeling. He apologized to Kwame Brown.

“I didn’t even think about when I spoke on Kwame and his family, how many people were impacted by those things I was speaking on. That’s generational. I caused pain and unintentionally poked at people’s wounds. Wounds that would never heal,” Charlamagne stated during his apology. “I can’t take back those words, but I can apologize.”

This all started when Gilbert Arenas appeared on All The Smoke podcast hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, as they spoke about Kwame’s failure’s in the NBA. Of course this didn’t sit well with Kwame who responded back. Charlamagne who appeared to come to Kwame’s defense at the same time aired out all of Brown’s family problems.

Charlamagne a strong advocate for mental health also noted how important it is to heel those traumas we all deal with in our lives. “You may have unintentionally passed trauma along so be intentional about passing along healing. #InvestInYourMentalWealth,” he wrote in a caption on Instagram.

After hearing the apology, Kwame took to social media and his YouTube channel as he pondered the idea of appearing on The Breakfast Club to accept his apology in person. “Maybe I should go face them and give them some of my momma’s cooking and be able to talk about some the things and ideals that need to be brought to the masses,” Kwame said in the video uploaded to YouTube. “And then maybe I can go and accept Charlamagne Tha God’s apology face-to-face like a man.”

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