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Carl Crawford Blames T. Farris For Megan The Stallion Fallout

After being accused of having Megan Thee Stallion under a terrible contract, Crawl Crawford explain on The Bootleg Kev Podcast how Meg’s manager T. Farris was responsible for the fallout.

“This guy [T. Farris] really took advantage of me and her [Megan Thee Stallion],” Crawford said. “People don’t know, that contract I had nothing to do with me. This guy T. Farris and her mom did the whole thing. So they do this deal, they bring it to me, they happy with it.”

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According to Carl Crawford he was coming off retirement as a professional baseball and was new to the music industry with his label 1501. At the time Crawford was accused of not allowing Megan to release her album, owning Megan’s masters, and 30% profits of live performances.

During her interview with The Breakfast Club back in March of 2020, Megan explained how after she had signed with Roc Nation, and being under what she calls “real” management with “real” lawyers, Megan got a better understanding of her current contract with 1501.  Megan Thee Stallion insist her relationship with Roc Nation did not affect her relationship with Crawford, as the two were already at odds. “I know what’s being said is not true,” said Megan on The Breakfast Club.

“We gave her a 60/40 profit split,” Carl Crawford explains. “People didn’t understand contracts and they just want to blame somebody. They just wanted to void it. She just wanted to go to Roc Nation and be under Jay-Z.”

Caught off guard was Crawford who says he and Megan never had an issue to the point where he never told Megan no a day in his life and gave her what she wanted. According to Crawford T. Farris stirred things up and instigated the split. “Till this day me and her never talked about nothing that happened.”

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