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Cardi B Reveals Her Biggest Insecurity While Recording “Big Paper”

Appearing on Instagram Live Cardi B breaks down her feature on “Big Paper” and reveals her biggest insecurity when recording music.

As she got her nails done right before her date with husband Offset, Cardi B took to IG Live Wednesday night (April 29). Cardi who appears on DJ Khaled’s new album “Khaled Khaled“, just made the album as she submitted her verses at 7 a.m. “I didn’t thought I was gonna make the record honestly,” Cardi tells her fans on IG Live. “I got the beat before yesterday and yes I wrote the record.”

Super valid anytime I link Khaled (Woo)

Platinum plaques hang on every wall in my palace

Clips still push, to anybody speakin’ malice

Fashion icon, couple million for my stylist

Five number ones, you got five number nones (None)

– Cardi B on “Big Paper”

Cardi also spoke about her insecurity while recording music. Revealing her accent is her biggest enemy. “I think I’ve been insecure about is my accent. I have a really big accent and my pronunciation and everything. So, I was making sure that everything is mixed right,” Cardi explains.

One thing is for sure the Bronx native did not disappoint as she did a full 180 from her last single “WAP”. According to Cardi “Big Paper” is a little something to hold off fans until her new album is released.


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