Brittany Renner Calls Out Diddy, Future, Jay-Z When Addressing PJ Washington!

Brittany Renner appeared on Akademiks’ “Off The Record” podcast where she set the record straight about PJ Washington.

Every since their relationship went sour, social media has been questioning Renner’s motive in hooking up with Washington, especially when the child support estimates hit the internet. Renner on the other hand isn’t buying it as she explains on “Off The Record” podcast. “Please stop playing this victim narrative. If you just wanted to f–k me and say she’s trophy p—y, I hit Brittany Renner, that’s that. Why did we have a baby. Our baby’s name is Paul Jermaine Washington the 3rd. Does that sound like an opps baby,” Renner said. “You asked me to move in with you. You wanted me to have my child at 22-years-old.”

The couple went official in 2020 after hooking up in 2019 after Renner attended Washington’s game in Kentucky. After publicly announcing their relationship, Renner and Washington also welcomed a baby boy together. But, months later Brittany Renner broke up with the Charlotte Hornets’ star.

PJ Washington
PJ Washington (Instagram)

Brittany Renner also points out the age gap between Jay-Z and Beyoncé and can’t understand why many didn’t believe she was in love with Washington. “Lori Harvey is 24. There’s a ten year gap age gap between her and Michael B. Jordan,” Brittany explains. “Ya’ll had nothing to say when Diddy with younger woman. Ya’ll had nothing to say when Future was with Lori Harvey. It’s f–king crickets. Ima say people’s names, because everybody in this motherf–ka industry is scared to open their mouth.”

Many have sided with Washington, claiming Renner took advantage of him with the end goal of cashing in. Washington who is still on a rookie deal is making about $14 million over the next two years. Child support rumors state Renner would received $200K in support.


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