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Brad Johnson On Most Important Play Of Buccaneers 2002 Season

Quarterback Brad Johnson appeared on Seize The Moment podcast to discuss the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers championship run and why the Joe Jurevicius 71 yard catch in the NFC championship game was the greatest play in Buc history.

Defeating the Oakland Raiders 48-21 in San Diego at Super Bowl XXXVII couldn’t have been possible without what Brad Johnson calls the most critical play in Bucs history.

“To me it was the most critical play in the whole season,” Brad explained on STM Podcast. “Basically we make the call, stick to the rules. Joe Jurevicius catches the ball in the middle, he runs up for 73 yard run. Everyone knows this “Go, Joe, Go” at that time. That’s probably his most famous play. I think it was the most critical play in Buccaneers history as far as winning the Super Bowl that year.”

Brad Johnson learned so much about strength, leadership, and grit on and off the field. Through countless injuries and mental struggles, he fought to become a multiple time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion! Brad’s tribulations included wisdom from sports psychology, football coaches, and even the great Larry Bird! His mindset set himself, and more importantly, his team up for greatness. More than anything, he wanted all of them to succeed.

Also discussed on Episode 101 with Brad Johnson

  • Overcoming adversity on the field and dealing with self-doubt
  • Playing under Jon Gruden
  • Pow Larry Bird persuaded him to continue playing football when he was ready to give up
  • His favorite moments on the field
  • Learning about flow states and how that improved his game
  • The 2020 Bucs’ Super Bowl team
  • His predictions for this upcoming season
  • His advice for people who find it hard to let go of their mistakes

Watch the full interview here.


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