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Bow Wow Ready To Drop Final Album On Death Row Records, Talks 2Pac

Bow Wow appears ready to retire from music and is looking to “come home and close it out,” by releasing an album on Death Row records.

During a recent Q&A session on Twitter, Bow Wow revealed his plans for 2022. A year that will consist of his final album (which he hopes to feature Nas) and his final tour. Showing love to his fans and claiming they are the only ones who can truly interview him, Bow Wow said its time to come full circle.

Back in the nineties, Bow Wow had an opportunity to sign with Death Row records, but given his age at the time, his family declined. Although Bow Wow did not sign with rap’s controversial label, he did contribute to Snoop’s “Doggystyle” album. Bow Wow, who was given the name Lil Bow Wow by Snoop, did the kid skits on Snoop’s 1993 debut album.

Perhaps now a reunion with the Dogg Father is only fitting. Snoop Dogg recently became the brand owner of Death Row records and is already make major moves. When asked by a Twitter user if he has plans to link up with Snoop in the near future, Bow Wow replied with, “Spoke to snoop last week. Very soon. My plan is to put my final album on death row and close my music career out where it began. Im tryna do the d wade and come home and close it out.”

Although Bow Wow is looking to go back to his roots, don’t expect to see Jermaine Durpi on Bow Wow’s final album. “JD busy just like im busy. He has projects to finish. I cant sit back and wait on no one. I dont NEED jd to do an album. I did it w my 3rd and STILL went platinum. So its proven ive had success w out him. BUT with him its even more dynamic because of what we can do.” Whether or not if J.D. frees himself up for Bow Wow, the multi-talented artist is putting his trust in Snoop. “Only way i drop my last album is if its w my unc @SnoopDogg . Thats the only person i trust and it only makes sense,” he tweeted. “Yo @SnoopDogg Get the paper work ready! Its only right.”

During the Q&A session, Bow Wow was asked about another Death Row artist. Asked by Tupac Uncensored, the website dedicated to one of hip hop’s most influential rappers of all time, wanted to know if Bow Wow had ever met Tupac Shakur. According to Bow Wow, yes he did meet Tupac. In fact he hit the stage with the late rap icon. “Yes! I opened up for tupac in the 90s. It was me yo yo luke and tupac. Damn im like a dinosaur in rap years.”


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