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Bow Wow: Me And Jermaine Dupri Had No Work Chemistry

As he gears up for his final studio album, Bow Wow takes a shot at Jermaine Dupri in a recent Twitter Q&A session.

Back in February during a Twitter Q&A, Bow Wow announced he was prepared to retire from music. Along with his final studio album, the 35-year-old stated he was planning a tour and was looking to link with Snoop Dogg and Death Row records. He would also reveal, he has no plans on working with Jermaine Dupri on his final project. (View: Bow Wow Ready To Drop Final Album On Death Row Records, Talks 2Pac)

“JD busy just like I’m busy. He has projects to finish. I cant sit back and wait on no one. I dont NEED jd to do an album. I did it w my 3rd and STILL went platinum. So its proven ive had success w out him. BUT with him its even more dynamic because of what we can do,” Bow Wow replied back to a Twitter user.

Bow Wow: Me And Jermaine Dupri Had No Work Chemistry

Now a month later and Bow Wow once again confirms no desire to work with JD. The rap vet took things even further by stating he never had work chemistry with Dupri. “Me and jd have no work chemistry. I aint work with that boy in years. He do him and i do me,” said Bow Wow on Twitter Wednesday morning (March 23).

As he did in the previous Twitter Q&A session in February, Bow Wow continues to remind the world of his success without Jermaine Dupri. According to Bow Wow he often heard throughout his career that he could not make a hit without JD. Bow Wow was quick to remind fans about his hit single “Ima Flirt.”

“Ima flirt,” Bow Wow replied when asked what song he was most proud of. “Because it was w out jd. And it went number one w out jd. And i wrote it w out jd. My whole career i had to over prove to folks im not to be played w. It was like kobe winning w out shaq. Even jd told me, ‘if u think u can do it w out me THEN DO IT’ welp i did.”

Bow Wow also revealed his regret of not sticking with Snoop Dogg early in his career. When asked what would he change about the past, Bow Wow stated he would have stayed with Snoop and “never signed with nobody else.”


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