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Boslen Releases new Single “Trip” Off Forthcoming Album “Dusk To Dawn”

The genre-busting Vancouver up-and-comer Boslen dives deep into his bag of tricks for the moody, mind-bending single “Trip,” out now. This is the first single from Boslen’s forthcoming debut album DUSK to DAWN

“Trip” is a vivid day-in-the-life story from Canada’s next star, celebrating the successes of a whirlwind year in his own woozy, wilding way. As we’ve come to expect from Boslen, “Trip” is a sonic joyride through indie pop, rap, and R&B, while psychedelia swirls and drums dart in and out of trap. 

Boslen (Cameron Corrado)

Boslen drifts over and dives into the shifting production (from justsayin, NXSTY, and MSXII), spitting about taking every opportunity and passing up naysayers: “I’m ducking the bullets, I’m ducking the clowns/You live life to the fullest ‘til you not around.” 

For Boslen, “Trip” is a chance to reflect on his journey so far, even while pushing his sound into the future. “It feels like there are constant highs and lows being an artist that’s coming up,” he says. “I wanted ‘Trip’ to showcase both the light and the dark.”

Stream “Trip” now on all platforms here.

Boslen Releases new Single "Trip" Off Forthcoming Album "Dusk To Dawn"


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