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Bobby Shmurda Talks YB On Math Hoffa: Rowdy Was Wrong

Days after going back-and-forth on Instagram with NBA YoungBoy, Bobby Shmurda addresses Rowdy’s comments about King Von’s death on Math Hoffa.

“Miscommunication. Miscommunication happens a lot, but when it’s not fixed or talked about, that’s when it’s a problem,” explained Shmurda. “I felt like that s*** came out wrong. He meant it in a good way like he wished none of that s*** would had happened, because he is a fan of both.”

This all started when Rowdy Rebel appeared on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion back in November. During the interview, Rowdy chimed in on King Von’s last night and how things went down. “When King Von died, Lul Tim n****, he didn’t have to get out of the car and start squeezing right away. You already got yours drawn,” Rowdy explained. “Was it the drugs? You had the upper hand but just clear the seen and said, ‘Yo chill.’ You had the upper hand and could have just been like, ‘Yo, back your n***** up and get your dawg outta here.’ But you already chose the murder route.”

Bobby Shmurda Talks YB On Math Hoffa: Rowdy Was Wrong
Bobby Shmurda (Math Hoffa/YouTube)

The clip promoted NBA Young Boy to respond with an IG video post, “I ain’t even say this perm-having bitch name. N***** just wanna bring Top up,” said YB. “This flunk-ass n***a want another n**** to jump out the truck and pump-fake and then get shot in his face? Man, you sound stupid as a f***, man.”

It wouldn’t take long for Shmurda to jump in and respond back to YB with his own IG video post. After going back-and-forth, the two artists who are currently on parole, jokingly brushed off their heated exchange and called for peace.

Shmurda, making his own appearance on Math Hoffa‘s popular podcast, admitted it is best to keep quiet and not give your opinion on someone’s else’s problems. “But sometimes you can’t talk on other people’s s*** period. Rowdy knows he is in the wrong for that, but he didn’t mean it in the wrong way,” said Shmurda on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion. “He came like an older Black guy looking at younger Black guys and liking both of their music.”


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