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Bobby Shmurda Says Men Are Jealous Of His Dance Moves

Bobby Shmurda’s dance moves has been a trend as of late. The rapper appeared on Akademiks‘ “Off The Record” podcast where he explained why he thinks people are hating.

Fans and the hip hop community have been waiting on Bobby Shmurda to release music since his release from prison earlier this year. Although Shmurda’s mother said her son would focus on his family first, critics felt Shmurda has lost momentum by waiting too long to drop new music.

Bobby Shmurda Dancing
Bobby Shmurda (Instagram)

Shmurda has finally released his official new single “Splash” and the music video. Promoting a snippet of the video resulted Shmurda to go viral, but for all the wrong reasons. Quickly Shmurda’s feed was filled with comments questioning his dance moves.

Appearing on “Off The Record” podcast, Akademiks asked Bobby Shmurda about his questionable dance moves. According to the Brooklyn rapper he believes its the men who are jealous he will take all their woman. “You talkin’ ’bout the n—as or the girls? You talkin’ ’bout the n—as? It gotta be the n—as…. Alright, so those be the n—as that be like, ‘this n—a Bobby takin’ all the bitches, son. This n—a Bobby always fuckin’ on all the bi—es.'”

Shmurda also stated fans are quick to question his shirtless dance moves, but no one checks other artists. “”Why if Chris Brown whine they ain’t say nothin’? Why if Beenie Man whine they don’t say nothin’?”


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