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Bobby Shmurda On Migos Culture 3? Fab Shoots An Air Ball

Two Brooklyn rappers in Fabolous and Bobby Shmurda showed up and participated in the Bleacher Report All Star Weekend festivities.

Last night part of All Star Weekend, Bleacher Report hosted the “Open Run” which consisted of 2V2 game between Quavo and Jack Harlow versus Lil Baby and 2 Chainz. The outcome? Lil Baby struggled to make a shot which resulted in Quavo and Jack Harlow coming out on top with the Migos rapper as the MVP with 17 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Also in the building representing Brooklyn was Fabolous and Bobby Shmurda. Speaking with Taylor Brooks for Bleacher Report, the artists praised those who participated in the “Open Run”. During the interview, Shmurda was asked about a potential feature on the Migos fourth studio album “Culture 3”. “Brotherly man. You always gonna see everything with us,” Shmurda said. “That’s family.”

Shmurda also confirmed that he can’t play ball, unlike Fab who said he’s from Brooklyn so he had no choice. “I could play. I grew up in Brooklyn, so you had to play hard out there either way,” said the Hip Hop veteran.

Quickly put to the test, Fab was asked to shoot a 3-pointer with $20,000 going to the United Negro College Fund if he made the shot. Fab’s first attempt barely graced the rim, but still the money was donated with an extra 20K added by Bobby Shmurda. Fabolous would get one more crack at it but once again came through with an air ball.


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