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Biggie Smalls “Left heartbroken” over Beef With tupac

Biggie Smalls “Left heartbroken” in the aftermath of his beef with Tupac Shakur new documentary reveals.

In the New Netflix documentary, Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell, filmmakers delve into the life of Christopher Wallace, also known as Biggie Smalls. Telling his story are people who knew the Brooklyn rapper best, including his mother, Voletta Wallace, Sean Combs, Faith Evans and Lil Cease. They touch on how Christopher found Jazz music and how he went onto become a successful Hip Hop artist.

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Everyone who knows of Biggie Smalls also knows how he befriended Tupac Shakur in his early career. That friendship turned sour after a 1994 robbery at Quad Studios that left Tupac with gunshot wounds. Tupac accused Biggie Smalls and his entourage of knowing about the robbery before it happened. As a result, the former friends became embroiled in one of the most infamous beefs in Hip Hop history. Within the documentary, Sean Combs, known back then as Puff Daddy, spoke on their fallout. “It really broke Biggie’s heart when everything kind of went left,” Combs said. “It was like some sort of theatrics that we didn’t get the memo. And that it was just going to blow over like any Hip Hop rivalry does.”

Two years after the robbery at Quad Studios, Tupac lost his life in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. As a result, it left Biggie on bad terms with his former friend when he passed away. In the documentary, Faith Evans explains how this affected her husband, even saying he cried upon hearing the news. She said: “I specifically remember him calling me crying when Tupac was killed.” Faith also states that Biggie Smalls always got emotional when talking about Tupac.

Furthermore, the passing of Tupac made Biggie Smalls want to turn the negativity and emotion into something positive. Sean Combs also witnessed the emotional impact of Tupac’s passing on his artist and friend. He said: “Tupac’s passing had a huge effect. You know, just on the urgency, him feeling like he wanted to get some music out to kind of turn the energy around. Life After Death was really about taking care of his family, his mother, and really just turning the energy around in Hip Hop.”

Watch the Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell official trailer below.


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