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Big Scarr’s Father Speaks Out, Defends Gucci Mane

After Big Scarr’s sister and Gucci Mane’s wife went back and forth on social media, Big Scarr’s father comes to Gucci’s defense.

It’s been a day full of turmoil surrounding Big Scarr’s funeral and whether or not Gucci Mane kept his word. After being called out by Big Scarr’s close friend, Quezz Ruthless for allegedly “ghosting” on his promise of paying for the funeral, Gucci’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir shared receipts.

According to Keyshia, her husband paid $10K directly to the funeral company and sent flowers on their behalf. All which was unappreciated says Keyshia. Despite the receipts, Scarr’s sister went on live and acknowledged Gucci’s gesture, but still did not give 1017 CEO much love.

“I don’t give a f*** what nobody says,” Alexandra Woods said. “My brother is worth more than 10K,” added Woods, claiming her brother’s funeral cost $60K. (View: Big Scarr’s Sister Responds To Gucci Mane’s Wife After Receipts Shown)

Not everyone appears to be upset with Gucci Mane. In fact, Big Scarr’s father is extremely thankful for the opportunity given to his son by Gucci and Atlantic records. Taking it to live, Scarr’s father stated he did not give anyone permission to discredit Gucci’s contribution to the funeral and would not allow anyone “throw dude under the bus.”

“Gucci did what he did y’all. So everything else is out the window. Atlanta records did what they did y’all,” Scarr’s father said on live. “Gucci sent 10. Atlanta sent 10. I paid the difference. What difference does it make my son gone still. They did that out their heart and I appreciate them.”

If there was one thing Big Scarr’s father wished for was a phone call from Gucci Mane hearing the rap vet giving his condolences. Although a phone call never happened, Scarr’s father said he did receive text messages from Gucci paying his respects.


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