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Benzino: Lil Baby Is This Generation’s Tupac

A year after Fat Joe named DaBaby as this generation’s Tupac, Benzino gives Lil Baby this year’s “who is the next Tupac” honors.

Every so often an artist is compared and labeled as the next Tupac. Indeed Shakur set the bar, at only 25-years-old, Tupac released 4 studio albums, 6 movies, and is regarded as his generation’s Malcom X while leaving an impact on the world still felt till this day.

Unlike Tupac, Lil Baby has not entered the acting world, but has had success musically. The Atlanta native has 7 years under his belt and had a breakout year back in 2020. Released in February of 2020, My Turn, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and hovered in the Top 5 for 14 weeks, only then to returned to #1 in June for four consecutive weeks.

Lil Baby performs The Bigger Picture (When We All Vote x Roots Picnic Performance)
Lil Baby performs The Bigger Picture (When We All Vote x Roots Picnic Performance)

Months later in May, the deluxe edition was released and resulted in continued success on the Billboard charts. Helping the album reach incredible heights was the release of “The Bigger Picture,” which was not on the album, but became the anthem for the protests of 2020. The single itself reached double platinum status.

“It feels great not only to make my fans proud but to make my people proud. That means more to me than anything,” Lil Baby told Variety in December of 2020.

That positivity and inspiration is what apparently led Benzino to make such comparison. “..he’s really from and wit the shits & talks that street talk but he also raps about positive elevation & change, (like Pac), he never beefs online, helps his people and raps about it and you can see his maturity, not just on the mic but in real life, he’s this generations Pac,” tweeted Benzino.

Fat Joe once said DaBaby was this generation’s Tupac when he was asked by Big Tigger. “Aight Joe we gon play a game,” said Tigger. “We have all these artists and I want you to name the 2021 version of the artist that I give you.” After Tiger uttered Tupac’s name, Fat Joe was put on the spot. “I should know the Tupac one. I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You be asking some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby,” answered Fat Joe in the viral clip. (Watch: Fat Joe Names DaBaby “Tupac Of 2021”, DaBaby And E.D.I. Mean Agrees)


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