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Benzino Says Will Smith,Chris Rock Could Have Went Left Like Tupac In Vegas

Benzino chimes in on Will Smith and Chris Rock, going as far as comparing the incident to Tupac’s night in Vegas.

No one knows how Chris Rock will react to the slap heard around the world, but according to Benzino, things could have went left that night. Speaking on VLAD TV, the former owner of The Source, does not support Will Smith’s actions at the 2022 Oscars.

According to Benzino, the slap should have never happened. For anyone who supported Will Smith’s actions that evening, Benzino is looking at things from a different point of view. “This is how Tupac got killed,” Benzino said on the VLAD TV clip. “It was at an event. They seen somebody that supposedly took a chain. They jumped him and then later on ‘Pac got shot up in a car. That sh-t could have happened to Will Smith.”

Benzino Says Will Smith, Chris Rock Could Have Ended Like Tupac
Benzino (VLAD TV)

Although, Will Smith and Chris Rock’s situation is far different then Tupac’s fatal night in Vegas, things could have escalated further. Instead, Chris Rock kept his composure and continued with the show. As of this writing, Rock has only spoken briefly about the incident at the opening show of his Ego Death World Tour in Boston. Rock stated he was “still kind of processing what happened.” The comedian added, “So at some point, I’ll talk about that sh-t.”

Aside from Benzino comparing Tupac to Chris Rock and Will Smith, the late rap icon had been thrown in the mix already. Social media flooded with memes and edited clips, mocking Will Smith and his wife’s love for Tupac. One clip shared by Tupac Uncensored, had the caption which read, “And then the spirit of Tupac Shakur showed up at the Oscars.” Although, Tupac and Jada never dated, Will Smith in 2020 on The Breakfast Club admitted he was jealous of Tupac back in the nineties.


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