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‘Banned From TV,’ Swizz Beatz Mad Nore Didn’t Let The Beat Drop

Looking back at his iconic 1998 single “Banned From TV,” Nore explained why Swizz Beatz is still mad at him till this day.

For Nore, the Queens rapper has had incredible records leaving his mark in the game that will live forever. Whether it was his collaborations with Capone of the hip hop group C-N-N or as a solo artist dropping hits such as “Supethug” and “Grimey.”

Another hit which unfortunately was never performed live in any venue including Summer Jam, was the Swizz Beatz produced “Banned From TV.” After attending a recording session with Nature for the Firm album in L.A., Nore decided to link with the fellow Queens native artist for an upcoming single. As talented as Nature was, Nore stated he wasn’t easy when it came to picking beats.

“Nature wouldn’t take any Swizz beat. I had a rhyme to it. I had a hook on the s*** and Nature was like, ‘Nah,'” explained Nore who about seven days later finally had the beat he was looking for. “We were in the Eclectic Lady and Swizz played….,” said Nore mimicking the beat with his mouth.

“I never actually let the beat drop. Do you know ‘Banned From TV’ is an intro? Ask Swizz Beatz. Till this day Swizz is still mad at me. He’s like, ‘You never let the beat drop,'” said Nore on Joe Budden Podcast.

Regardless of the outcome of the beat, a legendary record was put together. Initially the record was to only feature Nature, but after contacting Nore as he was in the neighborhood, Big Pun dropped his verse as Nore left the studio for cigarette break.

“And this was supposed to be a me and Nature record, so I actually did not like it. I felt like I was almost being bullied. So, I came upstairs and I was like, ‘Yo erase that,'” recalled Nore as he was not serious but wanted to teach Pun a lesson. Cam’ron, who was also in town, followed, as Styles P and Jadakiss closed out the song.


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