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Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene Feat Evidence “Paradise”

Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene feat Evidence on the new single “Paradise,” off their upcoming “Cost Of Living” album.

Never one to rest on laurels, supreme beatmaker and producer Apollo Brown has again set the bar for Hip-Hop production with his new collaboration album with Chicago MC Philmore Greene, Cost of Living. The album represents the complete idea of introspection. 

Cost of Living is relatable, empathetic, grown and needs for nothing. The new album is grounded, personal and mature. Alongside Apollo Brown, Philmore Greene shines like few MCs are capable.

Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene Cost of Living cover art

“Paradise” is the perfect representation of what Cost Of Living is about; from the soundscape, to the content” Apollo Brown affirms. “Both Philmore and Evidence tell the story of many; loyalty and deceit, while the beat is just eerie enough to walk you to that fork in the road.” 

“When you press play on “Paradise,” you get that cinematic feel of what this Cost Of Living album is about.  From Apollo’s soulful production, when the beat is desperately crying for help, to the details in my and Evidence’s lyrics; this record will give you the chills” Philmore Greene adds.  “Paradise” is a great representation of what nightlife in the inner cities will throw at you.  Be safe!”

Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene’s Cost Of Living will be released on 11-15-22 via Mello Music Group and features guest appearances from Evidence and Rashid Hadee. 

Free Download Link: You can now pre-order, add and favorite Cost Of Living at your preferred DSP:


  1. Consequences
  2. Nice To Meet You
  3. Keep Goin’
  4. Day on The Ave
  5. Immaculate
  6. Time Goes
  7. Paradise FEAT Evidence
  8. Steep Life
  9. Hittin’ Blocks
  10. This Is Me
  11. Free
  12. Just Imagine
  13. Promises
  14. It’s Different
  15. Where’s The Love FEAT Rashid Hadee

**All Songs Produced By Apollo Brown


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