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Anuel AA Talks Giving Advice To Kodak Black: That’s My Boy

Anuel AA continues to elevate his game, transcending into the ears of various cultures and languages. Part of that success and game has been shared with Kodak Black.

Releasing his fourth studio album ‘LLNM2 (Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren 2)‘ in December of 2022, artists such as Omega, David Gutta, DaBaby, Lil Durk and Nicky Jam were featured. Another familiar name in Kodak Black also appeared on the album on ‘Sufro.’ Anuel and Kodak have formed a bond, where the Latin superstar finds himself often giving advice to the Florida native.

“That’s my boy,” Anuel said around the 20:56 mark of his interview on The Angie Martinez Show. “He’s the face of Haiti right now. Lile for real. He’s the face of Haiti right now and he’s doing it good and he wants to be… like I always be talking to him and we be talking game a lot. I know he hasn’t been around for a lot of years and he’s really independent. So, I’ve made it to where I’m not independent, so I be giving him a lot of advice.

Kodak Black
Kodak Black (Sufro music video)

Anuel who has been grinding to reach the top of the Latin music industry has also made his way into the music industry period. The 30-year-old artist changed his life, removing himself from the streets as he focused on the music.

With the wealth of knowledge he brings to the game, Anuel gave advice to up and coming artists, detailing one of the key factors that will ultimately help an artist succeed in the long term.

“You gotta be you. Look at all the elite artists, nobody looks alike. Everybody sounds way way different from each other. You just gotta be you. When you’re you, you don’t sound like nobody and that’s the way people are gonna start connecting to you,” explained Anuel. “Because when a new artist comes out, one hundred more artists come out with the same flow, same style. That happens in English and Spanish.”

In related news, Anuel is currently dealing with a lawsuit against his long time friend and ex-manager. Anuel’s lawyer on Tuesday (January 24) asked a judge to block his former manager Frabian Eli from selling a $4.8 million Florida mansion. As reported by Billboard, Eli (full name Frabian Eli Carrion) sued Anuel back in September, claiming Anuel breached their contracts by abruptly firing him last summer and owes him millions in unpaid fees. In response, the rapper filed a countersuit in November, accusing Eli of stealing millions in order to “fund his own extravagant lifestyle.”


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