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Angie Martinez, The Game, Meek Mill Fire Back At Rolling Stone’s Top 200

Rolling Stone released its top 200 rap albums list and have received backlash from many including Angie Martinez, The Game and Meek Mill.

It never fails, from top 50 best rappers of all time lists to Rolling Stone’s current list of its top 200 rap albums, the debates are endless. This time around many within the hip hop industry are disgusted and have voiced their thoughts on Rolling Stone’s top 200.

Long time radio personality and an artist in her own right, Angie Martinez, does not agree with the list. Martinez issues are the placements of two iconic hip hop albums. “They had ‘The Chronic’ at 40,” said Martinez. “I think ‘The Chronic’ is one of the most important albums in the Hip Hop era. I think it changed the culture.”

Angie wasn’t done yet. The New York radio personality, also went to bat for another hip hop icon. According to Angie Martinez, Nas‘ ‘Illmatic’ should have made the top 10 on the list instead of number 24.

“I never think anybody gets [such rankings] right because it’s just somebody’s opinion. I don’t know who the people are that made the list,” Angie told PageSix. “I’m sure they are very nice people and I’m sure they have very strong opinions. My opinion is different from theirs.”

Speaking of those who curated the Rolling Stone’s top 200 rap albums list, Meek Mill also has his doubts. “The 200 Greatest Rap Albums of All Time – Rolling Stone how do y’all determine these list “marketing money” y’all be tripping tryna discredit us… I ain’t been active lately but ain’t no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy tf,” Meek tweeted as he did not make the top 200.

Another rapper who did not make the list was The Game. “@RollingStone how is “The Documentary” not on the list for 200 Greatest Rap Albums Of All Time ? I carried an entire coast for 20 years on the back of my 1st album. Cause I don’t walk red carpets, play dress up, smile or fake laugh at brunches I don’t count ? #Drillmatic July 1st.”

Sitting on top of ‘Rolling Stone’s Top 200 Rap Albums List‘ was The Notorious B.I.G., ‘Ready to Die’ (1994) at number one, Outkast, ‘Stankonia’ (2000) and Jay-Z, ‘The Blueprint’ (2001). Let us know in the comments below who are your top 3 albums of all time.


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