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AMG Lists 23 “Artists On The Rise” To Watch in 2023

Striving to work with artists who have a passion for music, the determination to grow and the creativity to separate themselves in the music industry, AMG has quickly proven that they are of the top players in the underground music scene.

Led by founder and CEO Brady Altland, AMG has many artists on their roster that could make their top 23 “Artists On The Rise” list. Some of them have already kicked off the new year with new music and new visions. BIGBABYGUCCI, on AMG’s current roster, recently released his 13-track “Homesick,” his farewell and hello to a new start and old memories. Skies the limit for the talented artist hailing out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jeleel (Instagram)

But, as stated by Altland, AMG’s “Artists On The Rise” list does not include any artists on their own roster. “I did not include any AMG signed artists to avoid bias. Although there would have been 2-3 artists from my roster in my 23 to watch if I would have included them,” said AMG’s CEO.

Coming in at number one is Jeleel. Crowned as one of the best live performances in underground history, the 27-year-old has refined his melodic raps and infused them with elements of indie rock, trap, drill and afrobeats. No telling what the viral sensation has up his sleeves in 2023.

Rounding off the impressive list of talent is Atlanta’s Metro Marrs. The self-proclaimed “popular loner” is no stranger to the music scene. “One of my favorite artist marketing stories from the last few years where he gave away $10,000 in cash at his high school graduation, while nearly being arrested for it,” Altland explained.

AMG’s 23 “Artists On The Rise”

  1. Jeleel
  2. Homixide Gang
  3. Tana
  4. Bankrol Hayden
  5. Lancey Foux
  6. Eem Tripplin
  7. Skaiwater
  9. ROT KEN
  11. Nigo Chanel
  12. Sgpwes
  13. Jayde
  14. Brooke Alexx
  15. TyFontaine
  16. Rebecca Black
  17. Killbunk
  18. Sid Shyne
  19. Prentiss
  20. Joony
  21. TheHxliday
  22. Belis
  23. Metro Marrs

No matter the position of the artists listed, AMG suggests listeners to take the time to check out the artists who made their “Artists On The Rise” list for 2023. Click here to view more on AMG’s top 23.

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