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Akademiks Will Ensure Lil Baby’s Bail Is Denied After Diss

After being dissed by Lil Baby and the rapper explaining his lyrics, Akademiks is ready to snitch on Lil Baby if the situation ever presents itself. 

Akademeks continues to make headlines ever since his “Dusty” comments about some of hip hop’s pioneers. The host of “Off The Record” podcast would also catch the attention of Lil Baby, who dissed Ak twice on his new album.

Akademiks Will Ensure Lil Baby's Bail Is Denied After Diss
Lil Baby (YouTube)

Lil Baby who’s new album “It’s Only Me” is set to land at #1 with over 200K in sales, dissed Ak on “From Now On” featuring Future and “Top Priority.” Baby on “Top Priority” rapped, “Akademiks, n****s think they can’t get touched/I don’t be on computers much, Ced turned me onto YouTube/I keep tryin’ to tell ’em, I’m different from what they used to”

According to Lil Baby, the diss was not particularly aimed at Akademiks. “I said, ‘Akademiks, n****s think they can’t get touched,’ meaning somebody that be on the computer all day, it wasn’t really saying him,” Lil Baby told The Breakfast Club.

But, Akademiks isn’t buying that explanation. Now the popular Twitch streamer is ready to “snitch” on Lil Baby if the situation ever presents itself. “Y’all get locked up in a RICO, I’m in court saying, ‘He said I can get touched,'” said Akademiks on his Twitch stream Monday (October 17). “Real talk. N***a, I’m showing up to court with a Walkman. That n***a said, ‘Akademiks could get touched,’ I’m in fear for my life. Judge, you know what to do. Bond denied.”

Ak’s response comes days after he tweeted, “Lil Baby dissed me instead of Fani Willis (DA of fulton county) and his real opps.. What is Rap music….”Ak further explained on his Twitch on Monday. “You’re scared of Fani Willis, n***a,” he continued. “Don’t let me Charleston White y’all n****s. You’re scared of Fani muthaf***in’ Willis. Fani, this is enough for a f****n search warrant, n***a. Grab them computers and iPhones that n***a got. Facts.”


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