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Akademiks Plans To Sign Fivio Foreign Derailed By Mase

Fivio Foreign continues his rise in the hip hop industry, but according to Akademiks, he was looking to sign the Brooklyn rapper until finding out Mase was in the picture.

“At the time Fivio is popping, ‘Big Drip’ is going crazy. Hasn’t really been picked up by anything yet. I hit my lawyer and I said, Yo, ‘I wanna sign this guy,'” Akademiks explained. “And I guess my lawyer knew someone who was a direct contact to his lawyer and they got in touch.”

Akademiks Plans To Sign Fivio Foreign Derailed By Mase
Fivio Foreign (YouTube)

Akademiks who claims he has a joint venture which gives him the ability to sign artists. Although Ak feels it is “too much to deal with artists,” he still had his eyes set on the upcoming Brooklyn rapper. In hopes of meeting with Fivio Foreign and potentially offering 500K to sign the young artist, there was one particular hiccup.

“I had no idea Mase was in this situation. “He came back and said, ‘Well he does have a situation with Mase.’ Even with Mase in the picture, Fivio Foreign had not yet signed a deal with any label. According to Ak, Mase was looking for $1 million, nothing less. The price was too high and Ak never met with Fivio.

Despite Mase receiving backlash back in July when Fivio revealed he was paid $5K advance by the former Bad Boy artist, Mase value paid off at the end. Fivio would sign a $1.5 million dollar deal with Columbia. (View: Mase Says He Gave Fivio Foreign $5K Plus $700K) A deal that Mase brought home $750K and the other half going to Fivio Foreign.

Mase further explained the deal when he appeared on Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. “At one time, I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000… because I set him up to do a deal to where I can control the deal, make the deal what it should be because I knew if he had the leverage, he would go in there and sell both of us out,” Mase said on MDWOG. “Then, when we went in the building, I took $800,000 and he took $700,000. The reason why it went down to $700,000 is that when I gave him $750,000 and I took $750,000, he owed me $50,000.”

Closing out the clip courtesy of VLAD TV, Akademiks also touched on the potential riff that can occur between Fivio and Mase, as the Brooklyn rapper prepares for a new contract. “He could probably get 4 or 5 million dollars. Mase only put in $5,000 dollars. This is how an artist looks at it,” Ak explains. “You already got $700k. Now I am about to get a 5 million dollar check, you not about to get a 2.5 million out of that.”


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