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Akademiks Explains Why Kanye West Is Better Than Jay-Z, Drake

Akademiks knows how to stir the pot. Interviewed on Vlad TV, Big AK, did just that. This time around Akademiks explained why he feels Kanye West is the most legendary rapper ever.

“Kanye is all time, will go down as more legendary than Drake,” said Akademiks on part 15 of his recent Vlad TV interview. “Kanye, if not one, is number two. Best hip hop artist of all time.” Known for viral moments created by guests on his platform, but even this comment by Ak surprised Vlad who questioned the outspoken media personality, “more than Jay-Z?”

“Blows him out the water. I’m not talking about rapping. Of course Kanye can’t rap like Drake or Jay-Z,” further explained Akademiks. “As an artist, the best hip hop artist of all time, Kanye if not one is two.” Removing Tupac out of the equation, as Vlad indicated Tupac is at a disadvantage having passed away at the age of 25, Ak was left wondering who could be number one.

Akademiks Explains Why Kanye West Is Better Than Jay-Z, Drake
Akademiks (YouTube)

Despite admitting Jay-Z is a great rapper and a great businessman, plus putting Kanye’s flaws to the side, Ak stands on his belief Ye is the best. “If you look at his albums, you name me somebody who possibly has damn near six classic albums. And six classic albums that all not just been really good, every time he dropped one of them, music pivoted because of them,” said Ak also crediting Ye’s Donda rollout in a stadium.

Kanye West’s discography includes ten studio albums, where 9 of those albums all peaked at number one on the Billboard charts, with the exception of his debut album “The college Dropout,” landing at number two.

Although Ye is not on Akademiks top 20 artists of all time, his influence in the game such as Lil Wayne is unmatched according to Big Ak. “That’s why he talks so crazy. He knows he can change hip hop,” added Akademiks.


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