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Akademiks: Danny Green Slid In My Girl’s DM While Married

Akademiks, who is doing his best work ever, recently stated he “fell down to his knees” when NBA player Danny Green stole his ex-girl!

Doing his frequent updates of the Megan and Tory Lanez case, Akademiks found himself sharing some of his own personal drama. It all started after NBA player Ben Simmons was one of the men alleged to have hooked up with Megan behind ex-best friend Kelsey Harris, during day one of trial.

Although Simmons seemingly denied such claims with an IG post. On the viral post, the IG story had Rick Ross yelling, “Accusations. These are false accusations,” during a segment with Swerve in Our Glory when the Florida rapper visited AEW Dynamite.

Akademiks: Danny Green Slid In My Girl's DM While Married

Breaking down the tea live on Twitch, Akademiks decided to spill his own. Letting thousands on the live stream that he too had faced a similar situation when an NBA player slid into his ex-girlfriend’s DM. The chat erupted in curiosity with Big AK claiming he would not reveal the player.

After gives many clues and stating if he reached 150K in subs he would announce who the player was, BIG AK decided to name drop either way. “That b**** a** n**** Danny Green was up in my girl’s DM,” revealed Akademiks on a live stream. “Remember when he made a clutch three? I was hating for no reason. I’m still hating on him.”

Apparently Danny Green was married and with a baby on the way, still went and DM’ed Ak’s ex-girl. Ak made sure to provide proof to Green’s wife, but till this day, Akademiks continues to “hate” on Green and prays for his downfall. “I always thought he was cool, but I did not know he was that lit in the NBA,” said Akademiks repeatedly playing Durk’s “Chairaqimony,” where the Chicago rapper raps, “Man, I fell down to my knees when the law came.”


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