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Adam 22 Labels Tekashi 69’s Crew “Lil Boogers” And “Actors”

Adam 22 appears on Math Hoffa where he clowned Tekashi 69’s crew after they appeared on Akademiks podcast with Wack 100 and Hassan Campbell.

Tekashi 69 and Adam 22 first connected back in 2017 where Adam 22 gave the Brooklyn rapper his very first big interview on No Jumper. Adam a fan of the work done between Tekashi 69 and Trippie Redd, decided to interview the young rapper.

The 3 million plus viewed interview was the last time Adam and 69 would interact for that long. When the two had ran into each other at a local store, Adam 22 acknowledged Tekashi and kept it moving, partly due to the fact it was around the time news broke of Tekashi being involved with a minor.

Adam 22 Labels Tekashi 69's Crew "Lil Boogers" And "Actors"
Tekashi 69 (Off The Record Podcast)

Since then Adam 22 and Tekashi 69 have exchanged words on social media, but nothing more and nothing less. According to Adam he does not want anything to do with Tekashi 69, calling the rapper a “fundamentally bad guy.”

Appearing on Math Hoffa, Adam 22 also touched on Tekashi 69’s last interview on Akademiks’ ‘Off The Record Podcast,’ where the Brooklyn rapper had his crew from Bushwick in the building. “One of the things I found so funny is when he had those lil boogers from Bushwick with him on Akademiks,” Adam said. “When they’re trying to get them to justify why they’re kicking it with him, they’re like, ‘What kind of man would I be if I walked away from this money that is going to feed my family.'”

The interview was the first time Tekashi 69’s crew from Bushwick were on camera. Questioned by Hassan Campbell and Wack 100 who contributed to the highly watched episode, 69’s crew were in full support of the rainbow hair rapper.

But for Adam 22, the whole interview was laughable. “They didn’t say we f**king with him cause we’re f**king with him. No, we’re f**king with him cause there’s bread involved,” Adam explained. “How did 6ix9ine not tell them not to say that. That’s the whole thing you’re suppose to be hiding. I mean if they’re going to hide an actor, they’re suppose to read their lines.”

Tekashi 69 had previously previewed new music featuring his crew from Bushwick, but has yet to release any official work.


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