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70807 Teezy Announces Debut Mixtape “PSA”

Priority Records newest artist 70807 Teezy has announced her debut mixtape PSA out December 22nd, 2023. The first single from the mixtape “PSA” is out now along with the music video.

70807 Teezy is a rising force in the rap/hip-hop scene, using music as a vehicle to express her deepest emotions when words fell short. Her name is a homage to her roots, deriving from the zip code of her upbringing fused with a nickname given by a close friend.

Influenced by artists like Lil Poppa, the early Lil Kim, Lil Durk, Gucci Mane, and her close companion Whop Beezy, Teezy’s music echoes an unapologetic authenticity. Now with her upcoming debut project entitled PSA, Teezy proves she can keep up with the boys as the next female rapper from Baton Rouge.

With “PSA,” Teezy teases her clever rap skills, “Want the smoke? I’m at ya door like Amazon, b****, I deliver.” She goes on to effortlessly flow, “Claim he was a demon, so we sent ’em to the reaper, Left the b**** in Sunday’s best, stretched out right in front the preacher (Preacher), Caught his partner at the movies, turned that b**** into a sequel.” In teasing her skills Teezy shows she has the bars to hold her own as a newcomer to the rap scene.

As her debut project, 70807 Teezy leaves it all in her music. The 9-track tape is packed with clever raps and punching beats. The Baton Rouge rapper displays her incredible talent with every track proving that this is only the beginning for her. Of the inspiration behind the project 70807 Teezy says, “My purpose behind this project is to redefine myself. I view rap as my very own love language, I view it as a way to freely express myself without caring who will judge me. I just want people to perceive me as the small city girl with talent.”


  1. Intro
  2. Belt 2 Ass
  3. Outside
  4. Flatline
  5. Gangsta B
  6. Mob Ties
  7. Hard Truth
  8. PSA
  9. Whatchu Bang


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