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7 Things Snoop Dogg Will Do As Def Jam Executive Consultant

Snoop Dogg and Def Jam announced the hiring of the west coast Hip Hop legend as an executive consultant.

So why so late in his career made Snoop Dogg want to work for Def Jam? Well according to Snoop Dogg is was a life long dream to be apart of Def Jam, but then Death Row records came along. “As a kid, as a young rapper, Def Jam was the holy grail of Hip Hop,” Snoop Dogg explains on the announcement video released Monday afternoon.

The Dogg Father will report to UMG CEO and Chairman Lucian Grainge and Jeffrey Harleston, Def Jam’s interim chairman and CEO. “We’re thrilled that the one and only Snoop Dogg is bringing his deep industry experience, strong relationships, boundless creativity and infectious energy to Def Jam,” Grainge said in a statement.

Snoop os hoping to past down knowledge to artist already signed to the label and new up and coming talent. “So when I got the opportunity, my main focus on Def Jam was to help the artists and give them love and wisdom and guidance and understanding, teach them some tricks that I learned in the game — to diversify their portfolios to be superstars,” Snoop said. Currently artists signed to Dej Jam are: Kanye West, Nas, Justin Bieber, Big Sean, Logic, Jadakiss, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, Jhené Aiko, Bobby Sessions and the late DMX.

Here are some of what Snoop Dogg says he will bring to Def Jam records:

  1. Music videos
  2. TV shows
  3. Video games
  4. Revitalizing old Def Jam catalog
  5. Life Stories on past Def Jam artists
  6. Bring new producers and new artists
  7. New Snoop Dogg record


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