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6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Jade Responds And Breaks Up With Tekashi 69

After being arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery, 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade responds to the arrest and breaks up with the rapper.

On Monday (August 29), Jade was arrested after police said she punched Tekashi at a Miami restaurant. The incident took place at Kiki on the River in the 400 block of Northwest N River Drive. According to reports obtained by NBC 6 of South Florida, Tekashi 69 told officers his girlfriend had punched him prior to leaving the restaurant. Officers spotted a minor injury on his left cheek.

Tekashi 69 who spoke directly with TMZ told the media giant he believes Jade’s actions were influenced by her friends and liquor. “I’m gonna get her out jail — she attacked me in front of the police I told them, ‘You have to evaluate her she’s obviously under the influence I don’t plan to press charges … I’m the one trying to bail her out,” the Brooklyn rapper said.

6ix9ine's Girlfriend Jade Responds And Breaks Up With Tekashi 69
Jade (Instagram) (Peter Parker @poweredbyphlee)

Video obtained by TMZ and NBC 6 of South Florida vaguely shows what happened between 6ix9ine and his girlfriend Jade, but a security guard told police he saw Jade, real name Rachel Wattley, throw several punches.

Jade has finally responded back via her official Instagram account. It appears Jade has broken up her 4 year relationship with Tekashi 69 and has hinted at possible cheating being the root of the break up. Late Monday night (August 30), Jade shared her current mood by posting her mug shot with Hitkidd & Glorilla’s ‘FNF (Let’s Go)’ song playing in the background.

“I’m F-R-E-E, f**k n***a free (F**k ’em)
That mean I ain’t gotta worry ’bout no f**k ni**a cheatin’ (Woo)
And I’m S-I-N-G-L-E again (Yup),”
Glorilla chorus (Genius.com)

Jade also looked ready to start her new single life as she shared photos all dressed up with makeup done by @mariposamakeup. 6ix9ine’s former girlfriend was not done yet as she also shared another hip hop song, this time Nicki Minaj’s new single ‘Super Freaky Girl‘ was Jade’s anthem.

This wouldn’t be the first time it appeared Jade and Tekashi 69 had relationship problems. Back in April of 2021, Jade removed her Tekashi tattoo and partied in the Dominican Republic. Days prior to removing the tattoo and declaring herself single on IG, Tekashi 69 posted on his own Instagram multiple Chanel bags totaling more than $50,000 along with roses and the caption, “You could get the biggest Chanel bag in the store if you want it @__ohsoyoujade.” Although the “break up” was part of an April fools joke, the tattoo removal was real. (Watch: Jade Has Tekashi 69 Tattoo COVERED UP At Soho Ink)


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