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50 Cent Congratulates Flo Rida After $82M Win Over Celsius

Flo Rida was awarded $82.6 million after winning his lawsuit against Celsius and 50 Cent is in full support of the “My House” rapper.

Hip hop artist Flo Rida scored a huge victory Wednesday (January 18), after a jury sided with the rapper, who accused Celsius of owing him millions for an endorsement deal. Flo Rida who filed the lawsuit in 2021, claiming the company did not follow through with conditions stated in an endorsement deal. The rapper also claimed Celsius success was due to him and when the company became more popular, they forgot about him.

Now after 5 days of trial, Flo Rida has cashed in $82.6M. Although Celsius’ lawyers stated that “other business decisions” led to increased sales and stock value, jurors were not convinced.

50 Cent Congratulates Flo Rida After $82M Win Over Celsius
Flo Rida (NBC News Now)

Neither was 50 Cent. The outspoken TV exec and hip hop artist, has no problem in voicing his opinions on social media. On Wednesday it was no different, as Fif was in full spoke of Flo Rida.

@official_flo is a good dude Celsius was wrong and they are going to have to pay now. I was only drinking it because Flo was involved. 🤨👊Money by monday!,” he wrote on Instagram.

Flo Rida appreciated 50’s support and replied back in the comments. “Love you my brother always appreciated and a true inspiration to this situation in way you’ve accomplished in your ventures 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾,” he wrote.

Despite taking Celsius to court, Flo Rida says it’s all love and he wouldn’t mind collaborating in the future. “I’m still a owner in the company,” Dillard told the AP, stating he still drinks Celsius and owns stock in the company. “And when you basically planted the seed for something that is successful, you can’t help but have unconditional love.”

“This was a long journey, but we prevailed. From the start, I only wanted what I worked for, nothing more, nothing less,” he said in his statement. “I was instrumental in the Celsius that you know and love today. When this journey began, no one knew Celsius. I took Celsius all over the world through my videos, concerts, appearances, and social media. I have gained a new respect for the judicial system. God bless America.”


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