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50 Cent Claims Young Buck Owes G-Unit Two Studio Albums

According to various reports, 50 Cent is prepared to sue his former friend and G-Unit member Young Buck for $250,000.

All jokes aside, and we all know there has been plenty from 50 Cent aimed at Young Buck over the years, Fif claims Young Buck owes him a loan worth $250K. Along with the hefty loan, 50 Cent claims Young Buck is obligated to release two albums after signing a two year contract with G-Unit back in 2014.

Because of this, 50 Cent isn’t too happy that Young Buck continues to release new music. Music that includes his 2021 “40 Days and 40 Nights“, “Back On My Buck Sh*t Volume 3” and “Vaccine.” Buck who has been releasing music since 2014 is in violation of his G-Unit contract.

“From July 22, 2014 until Debtor’s arrest and subsequent incarceration on or around December 20, 2019, in material breach of the Recording Contract, Debtor uploaded multiple sound recordings featuring his performances on his social media and music streaming platforms, including without limitation, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Deezer,” reads the filing. “Such sound recordings include, but are not limited to “Skyscraper”, “No Pain”, “Road Trip”, “All We Do”, “Yes Indeed” and “It’s Alright”.”

Buck has yet to respond to 50 Cent’s potential lawsuit against him, but did address his former G-Unit labelmate on “Ash Tray” off “B.O.M.B.S. Vol. 3.” Buck asks, “The question is, why try to sign me and sabotage me? / Break me and Travelodge me, see me and try to dodge me.” (View: Listen To Young Buck Speak On Dr. Dre, 50 Cent On B.O.M.B.S Volume 3) Regardless of it all, as Buck told VLAD TV, he is no longer concern with 50 Cent and is moving forward with his life and career. Buck also noted during the interview that soon 50 Cent will learn you can’t stop God’s plan.


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