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4L Javi Releases New Single And Video For “Playboy”

Bubbling Riverside artist 4L Javi returns with the official release of his most recent offering, “Playboy,” now available on streaming platforms.

In his latest offering, the artist switches up his usual style of simultaneously being both a rapper and R&B singer to delivering strictly bars atop ‘twinkling piano keys and Michigan-style percussion.’ With the opening line, “it ain’t easy being me, but they think so,” Javi exudes a-too-cool-to-care energy while dismissing groupies and managing his main girl’s expensive taste.

With a clear influence on California house party rap, the rising Southern California native is paving his way in the industry by lacing his blend of Hip Hop and R&B music with melodic 808 patterns and heavy snaps. “Playboy Freestyle” sets the artist’s pace after the success of both “Love Letter” and “Valabasas” from his recent album Letters 2 U.

While bringing in over 8 million streams across all digital platforms, 4L Javi has been steadily increasing his visibility and brand since he began his career in 2018 with his debut project, No SleepJavi started ‘4L’ with longtime friend Thirty2, and the two describe it as a group of people and a lifestyle. Javi says, “4L means everything is for life. Not just music related, with anything we do, the hustle and passion of whatever you want to do” Stay tuned to see Javi continue to prove why he should be considered alongside LA artists like Kalan.frfr, Blxst, and MCM Raymond. 

4L Javi Releases New Single And Video For "Playboy"


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