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3Breezy Releases Mixtape “Heart On Display”

New Jersey RnB/Hip-Hop artist 3Breezy releases his mixtape, Heart On Display, via Capitol Records. 

Quietly, the confessional singer has amassed a dedicated fanbase that has resulted in a steady 1.6 million streams per week, with more than 204 million streams in his short career of less than two years.

“This album means a lot to me,” says 3Breezy. “This is my first time fully opening up to my fans & letting them gain a deep level of insight into my life story.” And that life story has taken some unexpected turns. 

Heart On Display mixtape cover

Raised in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, the man born Nihee Wesley could see his peers embracing the negative influences within their neighborhood. Instead of following suit, 3Breezy mostly kept to himself and steered clear of the surrounding trouble in the process.

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After going to college to get his vet assistant certification, Breezy was set to take on a job in his chosen field. Then, COVID-19 hit the world and he was unable to do proceed with his original plan. He quickly took a sharp right turn, trading in his studies for songs. Growing up surrounded by sisters and aunts, he did a lot of listening. In turn, he gained an understanding of both a man and a woman’s perspective, quickly developing into a shoulder to lean on for those close to him. His growing legion of fans are ensnared by his crooning, hazy confessionals, and uplifting aphorisms. 3Breezy has a knack for connecting with listeners in a way most artists can only dream of, and this beautifully exhibited throughout Heart on Display.



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