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3Breezy Releases “2Far Gone” Feat. Yatta Bandz

New Jersey RnB/Hip-Hop artist 3Breezy releases the record and video for “2Far Gone (featuring Yatta Bandz).” The song is a preview to his upcoming mixtape, Heart on Display, coming November 4 on Capitol Records.

Shot in the Palmdale, CA, desert, Breezy’s heartfelt vocals on this song are as tender as his words. Breezy laments: “I put my heart into someone and I lost my soul forever / And still I pray for better days, but it don’t make it better / L-O-V-E, it’s all a dream, but I don’t love them letters,” eventually unveiling the truth as he sings “Crazy how they did me / Know the world against me / Baby, I need a pit stop, I been running on empty / Maybe I’m too far gone, Baby, is my heart gone.”

3Breezy Releases "2Far Gone" Feat. Yatta Bandz

The song previews 3Breezy’s anticipated mixtape Heart on Display coming November 4. In his short career, 3Breezy has already amassed an astounding 201 million global combined streams – and has a steady 1.4 million weekly streams. His growing legion of fans are ensnared by his crooning, hazy confessionals, and uplifting aphorisms.

Pre-order link HERE.

While 3Breezy refers to himself as the voice of the heartbroken now, there was a time when he was afraid to embrace his emotions on song. “I always had a thing for making this type of music, but I never really posted it because I didn’t want my homies to be like, ‘Bro, why are you making this soft music? Nobody wants to hear you in your feelings,’” Breezy says. “The second I stopped giving a fuck what anybody else thought and did what I liked is when I started seeing progress.” Lucky for us he followed his heart, and we can expect more of that musical giving in the months coming.


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