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21 Savage Wants To Freeze His Body For 2121 Resurrection

Hours before kicking off the new year, 21 Savage made an odd request as he would like to freeze his body and return in 2121.

The new year is here. Many have already started their 2023 new year’s resolutions (some have already broken them). But for 21 Savage, well he isn’t too concerned with 2023, instead the “No Debate” rapper is thinking ahead.

Although 21 Savage back in June of 2022 admitted his life is on the right path as he tweeted, “It feels like everything in my life is falling in place the right way…thanks to the most high 💛,” he feels things will be that much better 90 plus years later.

21 Savage (YouTube)

Three hours before the ball dropped, 21 Savage took to his Twitter account and made a special request. “I Just Want To Be Alive For 2121 Somebody Freeze Me Right Quick,” wrote Savage to his 5 million plus followers.

While one Twitter user wrote, “only 72 years bro u got this 🙏,” the thirty year old rapper would have to live past his 127th birthday, a feat highly unlikely, but not impossible. According to records, Jeanne Calment lived from 1875 to 1997. That’s 122 years and 164 days alive! She saw just about every war, including the east coast west coast war, and outlived her own daughter and grandson.

21 Savage is the only one to request to be frozen. Urban legend has it that Walt Disney was frozen back in 1966 in hopes to resurrect in the future. Known as Cryonics, the method is unproven whether or not someone can be brought back after death. 21 Savage might just have to drop his 2121 album before his 127th birthday.


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