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2 Chainz Explains Reason Why He Left Ludacris’ DTP And Def Jam

Appearing on Drink Champs, 2 Chainz revealed for the first time why he really left Ludacris’ DTP record Label.

The rap vet, spoke about the disconnection between himself and Luda’s recorded label DTP. Luda’s label which stands for “Disturbing The Peace,’ was one of the major reasons why 2 Chainz had to leave the label. “The name alone is DTP, that’s a misdemeanor. I’m a whole felon. I’ve been a felon since I was fifteen years old,” 2 Chainz explained. “So, that’s been a disconnection with me. I probably never really said this to nobody.”

2 Chainz Explains Reason Why He Left Ludacris' DTP And Def Jam
2 Chainz (Drink Champs)

Disturbing the peace, also known as a breach of the peace, disorderly conduct, or by similar terms, occurs whenever someone acts in a way that disrupts the public order or disturbs the peace and tranquility of the community.


Aside from staying true to who he was, 2 Chainz also matured over time. “I just started growing as an artist. I started growing as an individual. Started recognizing my power and how I change the room. How I could go places. I didn’t really need to go places with him to get recognized,” 2 Chainz said in the 3-hour plus interview.

His request was not taken well. Luda’s initial thought was 2 Chainz connection with Lil Wayne would have the hot upcoming artist on Cash Money. But, that was not the case. 2 Chainz was willing to do whatever it took to get out of his current deal. Including pay up 100K. “I paid Luda to get out, they get a point on my first three albums. I paid Luda the 100 grand and I gave him a point on each of the three albums. I just dropped my seventh album. I’m on my eighth album that I’m ’bout to drop now—and the 100,000, I mean very humbly, I got it on me now.”

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The 44-year old rapper made the best out of his release. Throughout his career, 2 Chainz has been nominated for various awards, including winning a Grammy in 2017 for Best Rap Performance. He has also released four studio albums which have peaked within top 5 of the Billboard 200 charts.


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