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18-Year-Old Rapper Bic Fizzle Signs With 1017 Record Label

Gucci Mane has a new member to his 1017 label, as he signs 18-year-old Bic Fizzle.

Taking it to Instagram over the weekend, Gucci Mane is seen gifting the 18-year-old rapper an iced 1017 chain. Bic Fizzle is currently in high school and is set to play quarterback for their football team. The talented rapper from Arkansas also shared a video celebrating his new piece on his official Instagram account.


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“I just sign the hardest young ni–a in Arkansas he only 18 in 12th grade and play quarterback at his high school welcome @bicfizzle and follow him he next up 🥶 #New1017


Bic Fizzle joins a few artists already signed to Gucci Mane’s latest vision for the all “new 1017.” Back in July, Gucci signed Texas’ Waco’s GotBoy Wes and Mississippi rapper BigWalkDog in May. These young rappers under the wing of Gucci Mane have the potential for anything they put their mind to. Labelmate Est Gee is living proof. Gee’s “Bigger Than Life or Death” recently peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200 with over 42,000 units sold since its release.

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Last week along with Cootie, Bic Fizzle dropped visuals for their “Supafly” collab. The video directed by Zach Hurth has garnered close to 200K views on YouTube.

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